LW Radio

Long Wave Radio

 153 Ger  Deutschlandfunk     500   Heidelberg, sw              4.8 NB info/cul, +Sp, night: 250 kW towards N/S/W, 22 kW towards E/SE
     Rou  Antena Satelor/RA  1200   Bod                         NB rural, 22-05 R.Romania Actualitati
 162 Fra  France Inter       2000   Allouis, c                  4.8 NB mix
 171 Rus  R.Rossii            600   Kaliningrad, w              4.0 NB
    *Rus  R.St.Chechenya Sv. 1200   Krasnodar, seEu             PB, "Radiostanzya Chechenya Svobodna", station reported to be pro-russian
    *Mrc  Medi 1             2000   Nador, ne                   9.0 Com
 177 Ger  Deutschlandr.Kultur 500   Berlin-Oranienburg, e       4.5 NB mix, DRM tests at night
183 Ger Europe 1 6325 Saarbruecken,sw 5.0 Com for France, transmitter power 2 MW beaming sw with 5 dB gain, ERP to ne only 1 KW
189*Isl RAS 1 300 Gufuskalar, nw NB 198 Gbr BBC Radio 4 (LW) 600 Birmingham, wEng + 2 tx Sco 4.7 NB aff Pol R.Bis/Parlament 300 Warszawa NB, also FS 207 Ger Deutschlandfunk 500 Munich, s NB info/cul, night: 250 kW N/S, 2.5 kW E/W Isl RAS 1 120 Eidar, e NB 216 Fra RMC Info 1400 Marseille, se 7.3/6.5 Com pop 225 Pol Polskie Radio 1 600 Warszawa, e 5.7/4.5 NB mix 234 Lux RTL (French) 2000 Luxembourg 5.1 Com pop 243#Den DR Kalundborg 300 Kalundborg, e NB Current Affairs, reduced power for DRM 252 Alg RTA /3/4 1500 Alger, n 10.0 NB arab, Arabic, French and Int. Sces. Irl RTE 300 County Meath, e 4.5 NB 261 Rus Radio Rossii 2500 Moscow, cEu NB *Bul R.Horizont 40 Sofia, w NB 270 Cze R.Zurnal/Ces.Radio1 650 Brno, e 6.1 NB 279 Blr Belaruskaye Radio 1 500 Mahiliou 5.2 NB


Abbreviations and Explanations

* = weak signal / some can only be picked up in the night when the other stations pause
& = heavy interference / inferior signal unless you're close to the transmitter
: = only a few hours on air
# = digital modulation (DRM = Digital Radio Mondiale)
- = currently not active / planned
tx= transmitter (no of transmitter sites)
px= programme
//= parallel audio bandwidth: refers to the demodulated AM signal. Some stations reduce treble above an edge frequency. In these cases the first value refers to the full spectrum, the second one refers to the spectrum with full amplitude. All values are based my own spectrum analysis with free SpecLab software and/or the Perseus receiver. Errors and changes are possible. power: in Kilowatts. Powers of single frequency networks were just added together. I know that this is not mathmatically correct (should be about 30-50% less). I'll work it over as soon as I find the time.

Types of broadcasters:



Alb= Albania Alg= Algeria Arm= Armeniad Aus= Austria Bel= Belgium Bih= Bosnia and Hercegovina Blr= Belorussia Bul= Bulgaria Cro= Croatia Cze= Czech Republik Dnk= Denmark Egy= Egypt Est= Estonia Far= Faroe Islands Fin= Finland Fra= France Gbr= Great Britain & Northern Ireland Ger= Germany Grc= Greece Hng= Hungary Ind= India Irl= Ireland Irn= Iran Isl= Iceland Ita= Italy Lib= Libya Ltu= Lithuania Lux= Luxemburg Lva= Latvia Mco= Monaco Mda= Moldavia Mkd= Macedonia Ned= Netherlands Nor= Norway Oma= Oman Pol= Poland Por= Portugal Qua= Quatar Rom= Romania Rus= Russia Sau= Saudi-Arabia Scg= Yugoslavia (Serbia and Crne Gore=Montenegro) Spa= Spain Svk= Slovakia Svn= Slovenia Swe= Sweden Swi= Switzerland Syr= Syria Tur= Turkey Uae= United Arab. Emirates Ukr= Ukraine Vat= Vaticane
Local stations should be completely included for Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, and the Benelux