Homemade film capacitors

90nF film capacitor, made of aluminium kitchen foil and kitchen food wrap film

1. The components that you need: Kitchen aluminium foil, kitchen food wrap film, a pair of scissors and optionally two strips of copper.

2. Cut two sheets of 48mm x 8mm aluminium foil (maybe 52mm x 8mm for closer to 100nF). Make sure you do not crinkle them much.

3. Place one of these sheets on a clean flat desk.

4. Place a larger sheet of kitchen food wrap film onto the sheet. The film might electrostatically stick to the aluminium foil and the desk. Make sure you do not crinkle the film much.

5. Lift up the film and the aluminium foil and insert the coper strip below the foil. Instead of the copper strips, you can use aluminium foil, wrapped a few times (for mechanical strength) to form a strip. After you do the above, place another aluminium sheet on top of the film and align it to the aluminium sheet below it.

6. Place the other strip above this second aluminium foil. Then put another sheet of film on top of the second aluminium foil.

7. Wrap the whole construction as shown, while making sure you do not crinkle it much.

8. When finished, wrap a few more turns of film sheet around the whole capacitor, to keep it mechanically stable. Then cut the excess film from the ends, but not too close to the aluminium sheets. Leave some excess foil at the sides.

The measured value of this particular capacitor was 90nF

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