Quick components tester
by sv3ora

This quick and dirty components tester will show you if a two-terminal component is good or faulty. It will not measure the component properties, it is an "on/off" device, component is either BAD or GOOD. Despite being very simple, it is cheap and portable and it performs some interesting tests on components, not just continuity testing. It can also be used to troubleshoot some faults in circuits. It is designed so that it requires no adjustments, so no special equipment is needed to calibrate it.




F blue




B C 1nf 4n7 D
E 4n7

100 G


100pf 1k
1n34a 1n34a 10nf


The schematic of the tester is shown above. Below is the Schematix data, if you want to send this tester schematic to your HAM radio friends through morse code (or any other mode).

atmoment bbit bctt bhit biei bjea bkea blea bmea bnea boea bpea bqei brea bsei btfe buii cashort cbae ccst cdse chae ciae cqrb crblue csiu cubr cva23 dbis dctt dg10k dhes diae dost dpse dqes dsae duee edit eeea efei egea ehhe eine ejbf495 eqsi eses et680 fdrb ffrb fg1nf fhse fiae fj4n7 fn4n7 fqes fr100 fsie ftea futt gbni gcst gdse gfer ghie gihe gjte gktt gmts gnte goei gpai gqhe grea gsne gtbc547c gust gviu gwed gxin hdsi hfsi hg100pf hhse hies hj1k hksi hmsi hn1n34a hohi hp1n34a hqse hr10nf hsae husi ideu ie68uh ifee ihee iiee ikis ilea imti ioee iqee isee iuee jdee

The tester can be used for the next purposes:
The circuit is composed of an HF oscillator followed by a detector. There are several points in the schematic (A to G) where the different tests, mentioned above, can be performed. These tests are performed as shown below:

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