DDS DSB/AM transceiver 0-60MHz
by sv3ora

I am trying to convert it to a transceiver, so don't build this yet!

This Here is a DDS DSB transceiver that can operate from 0Hz to 60MHz.

The firmware for the DDS can be found here (source) and here (hex). The schematic of the transceiver is shown below.

The receiver can also receive AM when the DDS frequency is set as that of the carrier. The picture below shows how I made the receiver.

The DDS can work from 0 to 60MHz with any step from 1Hz to 1MHz, selected by the position of the cursor on the LCD.  You need a suitable output LPF if you want to filter out the high frequency and level spurs that start from 90MHz and all the way up to 250MHz.

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