HF DSB walkie talkie
by sv3ora

This is a very simple HF DSB walkie talkie. I wanted to make a bare bones simple transceiver to communicate with a 10m SSB handheld, so I designed this one. Two identical DSB transceivers can only communicate in AM mode, not DSB. You use DSB to communicate with SSB transceivers only.

Switching from TX to RX mode is done by switching the power to the appropriate sections (TX, RX) using a switch (not shown in the schematic). The local oscillator is powered on both the RX and TX. The transceiver requires 9v and the current consumption is 20mA at no audio signal on RX and 90mA on TX.

The transceiver kind of worked, I could transmit and receive ok from 40m all the way up to 10m with appropriate crystals. The AM mode did not work very well but this was an interesting experiment which has potential for improvements.

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