What this is all about?

One thing that is certain about the microcontrollers and especially the assembly programming language is that you need to have a good "teacher" if you want to understand how they really work. Teaching is not an easy job, especially when talking about a low level microcontroller language which involves good understanding of the programming language itself as well as the hardware that is going to be programmed. Programming a microcontroller especially in assembly, is like trying to program your personal computer in a low level programming language using only the instructions that can be interpreted by your computer CPU. You would need to know exactly how the computer hardware has been made in order to write a program for it.


The next pages contain very useful information about the PIC series microcontrollers. It is a beginner's guide to their architecture, programming and operation. You can find almost everything about these microcontrollers here, including tutorials, code examples and complete projects. With patience and a good bunch of reading, you will be able to understand how these devices work and be able to program them.


Most of the work presented here, has been done by other helpful people through out the web and it is shown because it is really worth reading. You may contact me if you have any suggestions but I will be unable to answer to questions related to other people's work.