The establishment of the Greek Microwave Group

The Greek Microwave Group is the first microwave group in Greece and it has been officially (Greek Government Law procedures) established under my supervision. It is intended to people who are interested in the area of microwaves. It is a public group and everyone can join it including interested people from every country in the world. In fact the members of the group encourage people from all over the world to join it and to share their experiences and research with each other. The experience of radio amateurs throughout the years has shown that this is a powerful way of learning. In the past, many amateurs have concluded results that often help the industry with new ideas to improve their products.

Joining this microwave group is absolutely free for everyone and there are no economic benefits for its members. The portal of the group is at We would greatly like your participation. There are no restrictions or obligations by your membership as the group is open to everyone. By registering, you will gain access to all areas of the website including the projects section. Your registration will give us prestige and the will to continue this effort of researching and learning.

All content presented on the official website has been published after the permission from authors, or members that include this content to their websites.

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