In my search to find a more reliable, ultrafast and simple operating system for some of my electronics projects I went back to the old days of MS-DOS. The problem with MS-DOS today is that it lacks of the many features of the modern operating systems. We want a fast and quite reliable operating system, with as many features as possible. That is why I created the XDOS package. It is a compilation of huge lot of applications and MS-DOS, taken out from these dos boot disks freely available on the net, in a single package. It includes a collection of utilities and drivers, to be able to do many of the things that you are used to do, in modern computers, yet using x86 DOS. The real-mode single-process nature of the OS is a drawback for many, but a real advantage in more critical applications. A powerful feature of XDOS is that it is highly portable since it runs from a USB stick drive (provided that you have a computer which supports boot from USB), so you do not need to format your computer in order to install it on the hard drive. Some of its many features include:

XDOS is always under development. Contact me for the current version (8) of XDOS (Last updated 3 November 2014).


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