Bell 103 multi-interface modem
by sv3ora

Brief description

I designed this Bell 103 multi-interface modem, to help me interconnect different kinds of devices, old or new. The modem has not been tested but it has been designed carefully from the datasheets of the microchips. Simplicity was the key issue in this design, but also multiple features and compatibility with many networks around the world. If there is interest, let me know and I might produce one in KIT form sometime. The modem features multiple interfaces and it can interconnect different devices through different networks such as:
Data is simultaneously converted from one type of port/network to the other, so more than two ports/networks can communicate. When one transmits, others must listen of course, for this to be feasible. The modem is acoustic-coupler-ready, which overcomes many incompatibilities in interfacing external devices at any part of the world and at any network you might use.

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