An easy to build all HF bands discrete SSB transceiver


This Project is still under development.
Please be patient to finish it, or build it at your own risk.

How about an all HF bands QRP SSB transceiver that can be made out of discrete components at a fraction of the cost? As far as I can remember, I always wanted to build such a project, desiring all band SSB transceivers at the past, but I could not afford the high cost. There are lots of multi-band transceivers schematics on the internet, so what is so special about this one? I have built this transceiver by joining together different parts from different projects with a main goal: the final result must be a useable all band SSB transceiver, that can be made using very easy to find components at the lowest possible cost, without compromising too much the system performance. It is easy to find schematics of multiband transceivers on the internet, but it is very difficult to find one that combines low cost, easiness of construction and at the same time without compromising the performance too much. This requires lots of experimentation, to ensure that the final design is as simplified as possible and as stable as possible. I have designed this transceiver to help newcomers in the radio amateur hobby, to improve their soldering and electronics skills and enjoy the fruits of their efforts by having a completely working transceiver. One day I might produce a KIT, who knows? Please let me know if you would be interested in such a KIT.

The schematic of the transceiver

To be continued...

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