Making a special screwdriver for the lab


During my lab experiments, sometimes I need to unscrew very tight screws. In these cases, I usually find myself in the embarrassing situation of having long lasting wrist pains, due to the force that I need to apply to the screwdriver. When the screw cap is not hexagonal or star-shaped, the situation becomes even worse, as I additionally need to hardly press the screwdriver downwards, to keep it firm on the screw that needs to be unscrewed.

If the screw cap is hexagonal or star-shaped, there are lever-shaped (Allen) keys that allow you to unscrew them without applying much force from your wrist. These tools do come in different sizes, one for each screw cap size. If the screw cap is different, you have to use the appropriate screw, or a screwdriver that can fit multiple screw heads. The later is a good approach, as you do not need to carry multiple tools, but just one tool and many smaller screw heads. Furthermore, if the tool head is damaged, you can replace it with another one easily.

Such screwdrivers have two main disadvantages though:

Electrical screwdrivers are a possible solution too but they suffer from several disadvantages:

To overcome all these advantages, I have decided to make a special screwdriver tool. The preliminary design is shown below.

To be continued...


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