Making a special knob for tuning the DDS in a handheld transceiver
by sv3ora

Here is a special aluminium side-knob I made on the lathe, which is intended to tune the DDS on a handheld transceiver. The knob allows tuning the DDS from the side of the transceiver, using just one hand. The knurled side of the knob will extend out of the transceiver enclosure both from the top and from the side, so that the knob can be rotated conveniently by the thumb finger.

I also wanted the option to be able to tune the DDS from the face of the transceiver, so a hole has been made on the knob for the rotary encoder shaft to pass through it and extend from it. On tis extended shaft, another plastic knob would be fitted, which would be placed at the face of the transceiver. A small hole was tapped, so that a screw could keep the knob firm onto the rotary encoder shaft. Here are some pictures of the finished knob.


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