General diode applications

In conjunction with the Passive crystal receivers, the Tunnel diodes, the Varactor diodes and the Schottkey diodes in the diodes section, here I present you more circuits and applications using diodes, to show you that you can do things with diodes that you couldn't ever imagine they can do. This section does not distinguish between different diode types, it refers to diodes categorized by the applications, even if they are tunnel, varactor, schottkey etc, so all the topics in the diodes section should be studied so learn the magic behind these little devices.

Diode circuits handbook

40 uses for germanium diodes

Power supplies

Article 1

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RF and Frequency converters

Parametric crystal oscillator

1296MHz and 2304MHz converter 1 2 3 4

144 to 432MHz trippler

430MHz to 10GHz

Varactor multiplier

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Image-Recovery Mixer/Transmit Converter for 10 GHz

The JVL Transverter

An efficient Gunn Diode oscillator at 10GHz

Simple "Small Signal" Harmonic Generator

A 432 to 1296 MHz Varactor Tripler

A 144 to 432 MHz Varactor Tripler

1296MHz diode mixer

1152-10368-24192 MHz Harmonic Mixer

Microwave harmonic mixer

1296MHz DBM

23cm DBM

422-1267MHz Tripler

1296MHz Simple TX


Receiving techniques

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Balanced modulator 1 2

FM detectors 1 2