CB2 micro

The CB2 micro is not for sale
but if you are interested in building one
please contact me
as I can provide you useful information.

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CB2 micro
Perhaps, the cheapest and easiest to build single-chip microcomputer in the world!

  • Standalone, no need for a PC to program and display.
  • 16 foreground and background colors (PAL/NTSC) on TV SCART (RGB/Hsync/Vsync), pseudographics and grayscale composite onboard. More colors possible with dithering. Color composite/HDMI/VGA support with external converters.
  • Sound with envelope and volume adjustment.
  • PS/2 keyboard (or USB with adapter), RS232, 2x serial TTL, LPT, 8x A/D inputs and I2C, all BASIC controlled.
  • Tiny-BASIC with featured embedded editor, Chip8, SCHIP, 8080 and AVR-native binaries supported.
  • 8 programs storage in internal flash, cross programs calls, external flash and EEPROM options.
  • Terminal program, color terminal, X-modem transfer, PC connectivity, networking.
  • Games, applications, libraries and hardware extensions available. Automatic program execute option on boot.
  • Easy to assemble, through hole of-the-self components (no pre-packaged modules) and cheap!
  • And much much more to discover yourself...
Latest news:
  • RF modulator extension added. [4 Nov 2023]
  • CB2 micro has a black SCART connector from now on. [10 Mar 2023]
  • USB connectivity extension added. [16 Feb 2022]

Games / Applications
A collection of games & applications
for the CB2 micro.

Sample programs:

Click here to send me your developed game/app!

A collection of extensions for the CB2 micro.

Click here to send me your developed extension!
Building guide
Follow these instructions to assemble your CB2 micro.
User manual
Find out how to operate your CB2 micro.
BASIC manual
Program your CB2 micro easily and quickly.
Technical manual
Technical things for the more advanced users.

My work (hardware/software) is licensed under the Creative Commons License
Original firmware and software not written by me, is licensed under the GPL v3.